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Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation
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Assignment of Claims

Universal Health Care Insurance Company, Inc.

Some companies specialize in purchasing claims and interests in distressed situations (specifically bankruptcies, liquidations and insolvent estates).  Some claimants who have filed a claim in the Universal Health Care Insurance Company, Inc. receivership estate have received letters from such a company.

At least one such company has submitted a public records request asking for Class 2 claim data which includes medical providers’ claims information. Since claimant information is considered public information pursuant to Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, the Receiver is obligated to provide the information.

The decision of whether or not to accept the offer is entirely that of the claimant. The Receiver does not instruct, offer advice or make any comments to influence the claimant’s decision. Financial information regarding claims distributions and payments published on the Receiver’s website can assist the claimant in making an independent and informed decision regarding the sale of the claim. The purchase price being offered in exchange for the assignment may differ from the amount ultimately distributed in the receivership proceeding with respect to the claim.

Once the claim has been properly assigned, the Receiver’s records will be permanently changed and the claimant will no longer have any title, interest or rights to the claim including future mailings and distributions, if they occur. The forms required to assign the claim are available here.




June 23, 2016

If you have received a Notice of Determination, please refer to the “Amount Recommended Claimant” and “Class” on your notice.  Class 2 claimants can anticipate being paid in full (100%) by the Receiver. Although a payment date has not yet been scheduled, the Receiver will seek to make a distribution to Class 2 claimants prior to payment of the remaining classes.

You may be contacted by outside third parties who may offer to purchase your claim for a discounted amount in exchange for the transfer of your rights to a distribution.   The Receiver is not in any way affiliated with third party purchasers of claims and cannot advise or counsel individual claimants as to whether they should sell their claim for less than the full amount recommended or wait for the distribution. The Receiver is providing you with this Notice so that you can make an informed decision should you be contacted by a third party who wants to buy the rights to your claim for less than full value.

Should you have any questions regarding this information or regarding the claim process, please visit our website at www.myfloridacfo.com/division/receiver  or call Consumer Services at (800) 882-3054 (Florida calls only) or (850) 413-3132 (if outside of Florida).