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The Holocaust Fee Waiver Program

What they are saying about this program

The right thing to do is the only thing to do.

"Dear Mr. Atwater, my bank did waive the wire transfer fees. I appreciate, I am grateful for your interest and action to protect us, the survivors from those charges. Thank you again." - Ms. Ruth Schneebalg Lake Worth, Florida

"Incidentally, what you are doing re: Holocaust Survivors and having banks waive the wiring fees is very consistent with your sense of justice on behalf of seniors and particularly Jewish Seniors. You have been a good friend to our rapidly expanding community and it is comforting to know that there are still elected officials with compassion and effectiveness working on behalf of our constituents." - Alan Sadowsky West Palm Beach, Florida

"Thank you so much for your efforts. They are appreciated. My parents stress over any letter from Germany due to advanced age and cultural differences. Thank you so much!" - David Lerman (Son of Max Lerman) Delray Beach, Florida

"Dear Mr. Atwater, I am a World War II veteran, however, I am not entitled to any restitution. I salute you for your gesture for those who are entitled!" - Max Amboch (written by his son Jack) Boca Raton, Florida

It is our sincerest hope that we are helping Survivors with the fee waiver program but we want to hear back from the Survivors to make sure. Please check back often as we will update this page often.

CFO Atwater meets with citizens at the Florida Jewish Symposium 3-11-2011

CFO Atwater greeting fellow Floridians and Holocaust Survivors CFO Atwater greeting fellow Floridians and Holocaust Survivors