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Safety & Awareness

Emergency Services

  • Firefighter Safety and Health Section - Improving firefighter safety and health by working Post-It for Safety News! cooperatively with our constituents through guidance, resource, investigation, inquiry and inspection.
    State Fire Marshal
  • Firefighting - Staffing of the firefighting/Emergency Support function for coordination of statewide firefighting in a disaster or state emergency. (ESF4)
    State Fire Marshal
  • Search and Rescue - Staffing of Search and Rescue function for coordination of the teams deployed during a state emergency. (ESF9)
    State Fire Marshal

Public Schools

  • Fire Safety Status - Ensuring that every public school, charter school and community college is inspected by an independent fire authority.
    State Fire Marshal
  • Inspection Report - Find your public school's fire safety inspection report
    State Fire Marshal

Volunteer Firefighters

  • Volunteer Firefighting - Florida Volunteer & Firefighter 1 (FF1) Training for volunteer firefighters
    State Fire Marshal