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Division of Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation Databases

Below are links to the various Division databases.

NOTE: If you have accessed the Databases listed herein and are in need of additional help with requests for information or data, please submit a written request, specifying all criteria necessary to provide you with the required information and format, and submit to:
DWC-IRMAG@myfloridacfo.com . We will acknowledge receipt of your data request within one business day.

Insurer/Claim Administrator Database - This Database contains current address and contact information for those claims administrators, self-insurers, and third party administrators approved to handle workers' compensation claims of injured employees in the State of Florida. If you have any questions or problems with the information contained in this database, contact claims.edi@myfloridacfo.com.
Proof of Coverage Database (Compliance) - The Compliance Database provides information regarding workers' compensation coverage and exemptions from workers' compensation. Effective 05/03/2002, this information has been updated and is once again available to the public. Due to the formatting differences between EDI records and those formerly received on paper, you may experience two records for the same employer/FEIN with slightly different name variations. The Division is working to merge these records as quickly as possible. Exemption data will continue to be maintained and available as usual. The Bureau of Compliance continues to take referrals for investigation of civil non-compliance through the Internet, in person, by phone, or by e-mail. The Bureau of Compliance's toll-free referral hotline is 1-800-742-2214. Please direct all other questions with regard to proof of coverage to the Bureau of Compliance, Customer Service Unit, (850) 413-1609. For information about the Bureau of Compliance field office closest to you, refer to the Organization page.
Construction Policy Tracking Database - The Construction Policy Tracking Database provides information to contractors regarding the coverage status of the contactors they use. This easy-to-use system will send contractors automatic electronic notification of any changes to their contractor's coverage status. The only action required of the contractor is to register and list the contractors for whom they would like to receive coverage notification.
Noncompliance Referral Database - To report an employer you suspect has illegally failed to secure workers' compensation insurance coverage for all of the employer's employees, complete this form.
Provider Databases - Daily updates of these databases offer the most current listing of AHCA's medical provider lists (HCP's and EMA's). For more information about the Department's Medical Provider Lists, contact the Office of Medical Services (850) 413-1613.
Claims Database - The claims database contains workers' compensation accident data on an individual claim basis. The information relating to personal financial or health information has been redacted from the database in compliance with 440.125 and 626.9651, Florida Statutes and Rule 69J-128.025, Florida Administrative Code. For questions regarding the inability to access the system, contact the Bureau of Data Quality & Collection at claims.edi@myfloridacfo.com.
Statistical Reports Based on Claims Data - The user can generate statistical reports from the most recent end-of-month claims file. Records may be selected by county, year of injury, nature of injury, or other claim characteristics. Output consists of aggregated data by year of injury for: the number of injuries, total benefits (including indemnity, medical, and settlement payments), and average benefits for each category. For questions regarding this database, please contact claims.edi@myfloridacfo.com.
WC Expiring or Effective Policy Search - This Search will produce a downloadable list of Employers in the State of Florida whose Workers' Compensation Insurance policies are either due to expire within the month and year selected or become effective within the month and year selected. The search can be narrowed by also specifying a County and/or an Insurance Carrier. All Policies Search by County - This Search will produce a downloadable list of Employers in a specific Florida County who have CURRENT Workers' Compensation Insurance policies. The search can be narrowed by also specifying an Insurance Carrier.
Employer Loss Run Database - This screen can be used to generate a list of lost-time injuries reported to the Division of Workers' Compensation for an employer since 1990. The user must provide the employer FEIN and may select a narrower range of accident dates if desired. For questions regarding this database, please contact the Bureau of Data Quality and Collection at claims.edi@myfloridacfo.com.
Compliance Stop Work Order Database - The Compliance Stop Work Order Database lists employers that have been issued a Stop Work Order. Stop Work Orders are based upon a determination that an employer has failed to secure the payment of compensation resulting in an immediate serious danger to the public health, safety and welfare. (S. 440.107, Florida Statutes)
The DWC Claims EDI Data Warehouse contains workers' compensation filings for which an EDI First Report of Injury (FROI) and/or Subsequent Report of Injury (SROI) have been electronically reported to the Division (currently includes R1 filings since 10/1/2000.) Claims EDI Trading Partners may view specific transactions/data elements in the manner and format received by the Division to aid in the reconciliation of filing errors, along with processing outcomes (accepted, rejected). Also, Claims EDI Trading Partners can access their Claims EDI Report Cards, Rejected But Not Resubmitted Listings, Missing SA (Sub-Annual) Reports, and Non-Fatal (TA-FL) Errors Detail Reports.