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Insurance companies, assessable mutuals, self-insurance funds, and individual self-insurers are required in accordance with Sections 440.51 and 440.49(9), Florida Statutes, to pay assessments to the Workers' Compensation Administration Trust Fund (WCATF) and the Special Disability Trust Fund (SDTF). Assessments for both funds must be paid on all Florida Workers' Compensation premiums including those ceded to reinsurers (minus any statutorily approved discounts).

Also, the WCATF assessment must be paid on the premium discount that has been applied on account of any deductible plans. Thus, the total premium that must be reported for the purpose of paying assessments is the premiums that would otherwise have been paid if there had not been a deductible plan.

The WCATF and SDTF assessment rates are applied on a calendar year basis and are based upon premiums. The WCATF rate is 1.68% for calendar year 2013. The SDTF rate is 1.43% for calendar year 2013. For further information on assessments, please refer to the Division of Workers' Compensation Bulletins and the Annual Report under Publications.

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Additional Information

For questions regarding the assessment rate calculation or history, please contact:
Gene Smith
(850) 413-1644

For questions regarding assessment payment and administration of the Assessments Unit, please contact:
Mark Reichmuth
(850) 413-1753