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Bureau of Auditing Activity

The Bureau of Auditing (Bureau) performs audits in accordance with Section 17.03, Florida Statutes. This statute relates to the Chief Financial Officer's (CFO) responsibilities to settle the claims of the state using various methods. The Bureau also audits pursuant to the requirements of Section 215.971, Florida Statutes, for grant agreements funded with Federal and State monies. Audits on contractual services agreements are audited pursuant to Section 287.057(14), Florida Statutes and Section 287.058(1), Florida Statutes. The CFO also issues memorandums that also provide additional audit requirements.

Contract Reviews

The Bureau reviews contracts and grants valued at $1 million or more. The Bureau's review involves evaluation to determine the following:

  • Does the agreement clearly establish the tasks to be performed by the provider? (Scope of Work)
  • Does the agreement divide the contract into quantifiable, measurable, and verifiable units of deliverables that must be received and accepted before payment is made?
  • Does the agreement specify the financial consequences that the agency must apply if the provider fails to perform in accordance with the contract?
  • Does the agreement include the provisions required by CFO Memo #03  (14-15) if it is with a recipient or sub-recipient of state or federal financial assistance?
  • Does the agreement reference or contain the other provisions of Section 287.058, Florida Statutes?
  • Does the agreement reference or contain the provisions of Section 287.0582, Florida Statutes?
  • Were the agency's contract management activities sufficient (Contract Management Reviews only)


Table 1: Contract/Grant Reviews

Fiscal Year Number of Contracts Reviewed Number of Contracts with Deficiencies Contract Deficiencies Error Rate
2010 - 2011 445 157 35%
2011 - 2012 600 276 46%
2012 - 2013 898 494 55%
2013-2014 885 374 42%
2014-2015 1,150 413 36%
2015-2016 1,260 388 31%
2016-2017 1,489 298 20%
2017-2018 1,258 160 13%
2018-2019 1,112 154 14%
2019-2020 992 129 13%
2020-2021 1,303 103 8%
2021-2022 395* 26 7%

*Year to date data - 07/01/2021 to 11/30/2021

Settlement Agreement Reviews

The Bureau reviews settlements that are obligations of the State or agency to expend state funds in order to discharge a debt due a person, entity or group of persons when the amount owed is in dispute, including but not limited to the following examples of disputes:

  • Services were provided before or after the effective date of an executed agreement
  • Services were provided without an executed agreement
  • Additional services were provided that were not included in the executed agreement
  • Amount(s) exceed the executed agreement amount
  • An executed agreement has been breached, or other contract-related issues and disputes

Settlement Agreements by Agency

Agency Contract Management Reviews

The Contract Management Review Team within the Bureau of Auditing, as authorized by Sections 17.03, 215.971(3), and 287.136, Florida Statutes, audits State agencies to evaluate whether management has established and implemented contract deliverables monitoring processes that promote an appropriate level of oversight and control over the accomplishment and receipt of significant deliverables and the authorization of payments for invoiced deliverables. The audits result in a written report to the State agency, with the agency providing a response and a corrective action plan to address the reported findings and recommendations.

Table 2: Contract Management Reviews

Report No. Date State Agency
2018-01 August 13, 2018 Department of Health
2019-02 February 5, 2019 Department of Juvenile Justice
2019-03 April 1, 2019 Department of Economic Opportunity
2019-04 May 13, 2019 Department of the Lottery
2019-05 August 12, 2019 Department of Transportation
2019-06 September 4, 2019 Department of Corrections
2019-07 October 17, 2019 Department of Citrus
2019-08 October 23, 2019 Department of Management Services
2020-09 January 31, 2020 Justice Administrative Commission
2020-10 March 26, 2020 Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

For Agency Contract/Grant Management Reviews completed prior to June 30, 2017, please click here.