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Emergency Medical Transportation

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It is my pleasure to share with you the

Office of the Insurance Consumer Advocate’s White Paper,
Emergency Medical Transportation Costs in Florida


Emergency Medical Transportation Costs in Florida

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After a life threatening accident or major medical emergency, emergency medical transportation (EMT) services can quickly transport a patient to receive immediate health care attention at a nearby facility. EMT includes air and ground ambulance services for emergency medical situations and conditions. Air ambulances are helicopters or airplanes that contain sophisticated medical equipment and staff trained to stabilize patients as they are transported to a facility for care. Although some health care policies provide coverage for this event, some coverage gaps can leave consumers with surprise high medical bills for the service. The Office of the Insurance Consumer Advocate has identified this issue as a concern and seeks to inform, engage, and advocate for measures that will help ensure that this life saving service is affordable for Florida consumers.

Also, see the NAIC consumer alert for air ambulance.



Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate's Emergency Medical Transportation Working Group

Florida’s Insurance Consumer Advocate Sha’Ron James is pleased to announce the formation of the Office of the Insurance Consumer Advocate’s Emergency Medical Transportation Working Group. The EMT Working Group will meet over the course of one year to gather information, analyze data, and assess the impact of emergency medical transportation costs to Florida’s insurance consumers. Florida consumers may be shocked to learn that many air and ground emergency medical transportation services are often considered out-of-network by their healthcare plans, and that they owe several hundred or, in some cases, thousands of dollars for the use of the service. The EMT Working Group’s focus will center on addressing the needs of Florida’s insurance consumers by identifying solutions that may address issues and concerns faced by the ambulance service, insurance industry, and ultimately the insurance buying public.

The members of the working group are as follows:

  • Office of the Insurance Consumer Advocate
    Sha'Ron James, Insurance Consumer Advocate

  • Office of the Insurance Consumer Advocate
    Jennifer Pettineo, General Counsel

  • Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Consumer Services
    Tasha Carter, Director

  • Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
    Chris Struk, Life & Health Policy Advisor

  • America’s Health Insurance Plans
    Joy M. Ryan, Meenan P.A.

  • Florida Aero Medical Association
    Jeffery See, Regional Vice President, Air Methods

  • Florida Ambulance Association
    Joe Scialdone, EMS Billing Manager, Escambia County

  • Florida Association of Counties
    Mac Kemp, Deputy Chief of Clinical Affairs, Leon County Emergency Medical Services

  • Florida Association of Health Plans
    Wences Troncoso, Vice President and General Counsel

  • Florida Blue
    David Pizzi, Director, Political and External Relations

  • Florida College of Emergency Physicians
    Dr. Kristin McCabe-Kline, Chief of Staff, Florida Hospital

  • Florida Hospital Association
    Lecia Behenna, Director of Finance

  • Florida League of Cities
    Chief Dan Azzariti, Fire Chief, Plant City


Working Group Meetings


Date Time Documents Video Link
10/17/16 9:00am - 12:00pm



02/28/17 9:00am - 1:00pm




The Florida Channel

06/13/17 9:00am - 1:00pm




The Florida Channel

10/31/17 9:00am - 11:30am



The Florida Channel





News Articles and Press Releases


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