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Agency Risk Management Program Evaluation

The Division of Risk Management is required by section 284.50, Florida Statutes, to conduct an evaluation of each state agency’s and university’s risk management program on a five-year cycle. Evaluations are based on statutory requirements of agency safety coordinators and risk management personnel, as well as leading industry practices in risk management.

Agency Risk Management Program Evaluation Guidelines

The Agency Risk Management Program Evaluation Guidelines were issued in 2017 to provide a model of best practices for effective implementation of the key components that comprise agency risk management programs.

Section 284.50, Florida Statutes

This statute explains the requirements of state agency and university loss prevention and return-to-work programs, as well as the Division of Risk Management’s responsibility to evaluate agency risk management programs.


Program Evaluation Schedule

The Agency Risk Management Program Evaluation Schedule is based on the order of the previous five-year cycle, with adjustments to be made as events warrant.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions asked regarding the agency risk management program evaluation process.


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