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Continuing Education

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69K-17.0041(2)&(3) Florida Administrative Code
(2) To receive Board approval, a course provider shall demonstrate to the Board that its instructors have special training, knowledge, or skill regarding the content of the continuing education course. Providers must submit to the Board the CONTINUING EDUCATION PROVIDER ONLINE APPLICATION, together with the required fee. No continuing education provider may offer continuing education courses or grant continuing education credit hours until it has received the Boards approval in accordance with this rule.
(3) Upon approval, each continuing education provider shall be issued a continuing education provider number. Continuing education provider numbers shall be valid, upon approval by the Board, unless subject to discipline, until May 31st of odd numbered years. Continuing education provider numbers must be renewed biennially. Providers shall use their number in the course syllabus, in all other course materials including certificates of completion, and in all advertising materials.

For additional continuing education rules & requirements see Rules 69K-17 Florida Administrative Code


69K-17.0042 Approval of Continuing Education Courses.

(1) A continuing education course shall be approved for a maximum of two (2) years by the Board and issued a course number if the materials submitted are complete and demonstrate that the course covers approved subject matter.

(2) The course provider must submit to the Board, in writing, notice of any changes in the information provided in the initial request for course approval. This notification must be made within 30 days following the date the change is effective.

(3) Approved subject matter includes, as appropriate to the scope of practice of the licensee to whom credit shall be awarded.

(a) Basic theory and practice of funeral directing, embalming, or direct disposal services.

(b) Technical subjects including mortuary sciences, skill and technique development, scientific applications, and other topics specific to the overall practice of funeral directing, embalming, or direct disposal of human remains.

(c) Communicable diseases including transmission, sterilization techniques, risk education methods in practice of professional services.

(d) Public health and safety subjects including grief management, stress management, risk management, biohazardous and hazardous waste, and pathology.

(e) Subjects dealing with licensees’ legal and ethical responsibilities, including the laws and rules governing the practice.

(4) Approved continuing education providers shall submit to the Board, an application for approval of each continuing education course on the form referenced in Rule 69K-14.007, F.A.C.

(5) No retroactive credit shall be granted if a provider improperly offers a course prior to approval, even if the course is subsequently approved.

(6) The application shall include the total number of continuing education hours, the course syllabus, a detailed outline or synopsis of the contents of the course, and the name and qualification of the instructors or authors.

(7) Continuing education courses which appropriately relate to the practice of embalming, funeral directing and direct disposition and which contain sufficient education content to improve the skills, competency and knowledge of the laws and rules which govern the professional duties of licensees, shall be approved.

Rulemaking Authority 497.103, 497.147 FS. Law Implemented 497.147, 497.162, 497.368(1)(e), 497.369(1)(c), 497.373(1)(e), 497.374(1)(c), 497.378(1), 497.379(1), 397.602(3)(c), 497.603(2) FS. History–New 4-10-94, Amended 3-14-95, 7-25-95, 9-25-95, 10-30-01, Formerly 61G8-17.0042, Amended 3-8-12.


Login into the CONTINUING EDUCATION SYSTEM using the login/password you created to do the following: 

Applying for Courses:

  • Click “Apply”
  • Select “Course” from drop-down menu
  • Follow instructions on each page. Be sure to attach ALL documents (i.e. outlines, bios, etc.)


Submitting Rosters:

  • select “Roster” and then
  • click “Submit Attendance Roster”, then
  • click “Enter Roster Manually," enter Course ID #, and proceed to enter the information

Continuing Education System


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