Commissioner, Office of Financial Regulation

The Office of Financial Regulation is responsible for all activities of the Financial Services Commission relating to the regulation of banks, credit unions, other financial institutions, financial companies, and the securities industry. The Commissioner of Financial Regulation, appointed by the Financial Services Commission, serves as the head of the Office of Financial Regulation.

In accordance with Florida Statute, the Commissioner must have had, within the previous 10 years, at least 5 years of responsible private sector experience working full time in areas within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Office of Financial Regulation or at least 5 years of experience as a senior examiner or other senior employee of a state or federal agency having regulatory responsibility over financial institutions, finance companies, or securities companies.

The Commissioner will report to the Financial Services Commission, which is comprised of the Governor, Chief Financial Officer, Attorney General, and Commissioner of Agriculture. The Office of Financial Regulation is authorized to have 354 employees and has an annual budget of approximately $41 million.

Commissioner Applicants

Applicant Name
Nathan Kutt
Linda Charity
Deborah Dean
Jonathan Fichman
Michael Hogan
Justin Tate
Louie Strum III
Amanda Olney - Withdrawn
Gagan Bihari Mohanty
Joseph Hudgins
Ronald Rubin
Sabrina Islam
Bryan Schneider
Jason Juretich
Alfred Young
John Carver
John Scott
Monica E Rutkowski
James Hobson
Levis Hughes
Steven Petty
Matt Smith
Carrie Cribb
George Joyner
Paul Chatarpaul
Jay Fant
Gregory Burnett
Richard Ramos
Alex Sabo
Gwynn Virostek