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This week, I issued a letter to the credit ratings agency Equifax, regarding the recent coding error that led to potentially millions of consumers’ credit scores being inaccurately reported to potential lenders. This has resulted in consumers likely being trapped into higher loan rates or even being denied loans on automobiles, credit cards, and mortgages. As Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, it is a top priority to protect consumers as they navigate important financial decisions. That is why this error made by Equifax is so concerning to me. In my eyes, this equates to money being stolen directly out of the pockets of innocent consumers due to no fault of their own. We are already dealing with a historically high level of inflation, and an error like this is the last thing consumers need on their financial plate.

CFO Jimmy Patronis sends letter to Equifax

On Monday, I announced an arson arrest after an individual allegedly set fire to the Crosspoint Baptist Church. Arson is always a malicious crime, but especially when it is directed at a place of worship. I want to give a huge thanks to the men and women of our Bureau of Fires, Arson, and Explosives for their excellent work, and to the Perry Police Department for bringing this bad actor to justice. Arson is reckless, and it will never be tolerated in Florida.

This week, many Florida families celebrated the first day of back-to-school. I know my boys were excited get back to in-person learning to see all their friends as I’m sure all your kids were as well. My wife, Katie and I wish students and teachers all the best in the 2022-2023 School Year!


Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer
State of Florida

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