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1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be selected from each region.

1st Place: $250

2nd Place: $150

3rd Place: $100

Full Contest Rules

Required Forms:

Title Page

Parent/Guardian Permission Form

Submit Video

To submit your video, please upload it privately to YouTube and email the link along with the title page and the parent/guardian permission form to CFOConsumerServices@ myfloridacfo.com. For information on uploading private videos to YouTube click here.

History Challenge Header

Video Challenge - High School - 9th - 12th Grade

Using the Florida's Financial History website as a guide, create a video to illustrate the economic importance of our state over the years. The library in the Resources area of the website will also be helpful.

Choose from three scenarios below to express your creativity and ideas in video medium. The video project must be of high quality and portray a historically accurate account of Florida’s history and the economic impact of the selected topic on the state’s current success.

  • Travel back in time in Florida’s history and provide advice on Florida’s financial future. With the information you know today about Florida and its economic success and challenges, create a video that depicts an era and place you would go back to and what financial advice you would share?
  • Using the Florida's Financial History website, choose one of the following categories: Agriculture, Technology, Tourism or Transportation. Create a video that illustrates its historical importance in our state’s success today.
  • Many visionaries in Florida’s history had the foresight to invest in and develop Florida in its early years. Choose one of these people in Florida’s history and illustrate his/her importance.

Judging Criteria

  • Historical Accuracy: Truthful portrayal of topic
  • Content: Effectively conveys topic with creative style
  • Quality of Production: Visual appearance and audio clarity
  • Technical: Smooth scene transition and appropriate editing

Contest Regions:

Region 1: North Florida

Region 2: Central Florida

Region 3: South Florida

View Region Map