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Insurance Consumer Advocate

Tasha Carter

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Office of the Insurance Consumer Advocate


Who We Are:
"A Voice for Florida's Insurance Consumer"

Created by the Florida Legislature in 1992, the Insurance Consumer Advocate (ICA) is appointed by the Chief Financial Officer, but works independently from the Department of Financial Services or any employee of the department.

The role of the Office of the Insurance Consumer Advocate (OICA) is to serve Floridians by actively engaging with consumers and working with stakeholders to find consumer focused solutions on all insurance matters.

For more information regarding the creation or role of the Insurance Consumer Advocate, please refer to Section 627.0613, Florida Statutes.


Goals of the ICA Office:


Balancing Florida's Insurance Market


  • Analyzes insurance issues, seeking public input and develops proposed legislation that serves the interests of Florida's insurance consumers
  • Represents the public in a wide range of public forums including statutory boards, Commissions, working groups and panels related to Florida's insurance markets
Identifying Trends and Improving Market Practices


  • Increases consumer awareness and assists consumers in matters affecting insurance issues
  • Collects data, analyzes trends and seeks resolutions to address business trends adversely affecting consumers
Representing the Consumer in Rate and Form Filings


  • Represents consumers and recommends specific action or findings to the Department of Financial Services (DFS) or the Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) in regulatory matters under consideration



The Advocacy Wheel:


The OICA utilizes the advocacy process wheel pictured above to influence change and better align the insurance market to fit the needs of the Florida consumer. Each insurance issue is not uniform and the process wheel may start or stop at certain stages or different versions of a resolution.

Once an insurance issue is identified, the advocacy process typically begins with the collection of information and data from various sources: The Department of Financial Services, Division of Consumer Services, stakeholder groups, trade associations or other state agencies and organizations. This information helps to assess the current situation, identify objectives and engage stakeholders in helping to achieve targeted goals. The ICA works with a wide range of public and private partners, stakeholder and consumer groups to propose solutions to insurance issues that focus on the best interests of Florida consumers.