Construction Materials Mining Activities

Type: Workshop

Summary of Rule
Pursuant to section 552.30, F.S., the State Fire Marshal has the sole and exclusive authority to adopt standards, limits, and regulations regarding the use of explosives used for construction materials mining activities. Chapter 2020-180, Laws of Florida, mandates that the Division of State Fire Marshal adopt rules to implement and enforce a monitoring pilot program for all construction materials mining activities in Miami-Dade County. The proposed amendments will update the rules and implement separate blast reporting and notice requirements for all mines located in Miami-Dade County in order to assist the Division with the operation of the pilot program.

Date and Time: January 13, 2021 @ 10:00 a.m.

Division of State Fire Marshal Headquarters
325 John Knox Rd.
Atrium Building, 3rd Floor
Tallahassee, FL 32303

Keith McCarthy
Safety Program Manager
Bureau of Fire Prevention
Division of State Fire Marshal
200 E. Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0342
(850) 413-3670

Attorney: Brittany Griffith