Change Champion Network

The CCN Contacts (CCN) will use the Master Readiness Workplan (MRW) tool to guide their organization’s activities to implement Florida PALM. Agency Liaisons and Florida PALM Readiness Coordinators will review the MRW tasks and track progress.

The CCN is a foundational engagement technique to support organizational readiness and is designed to foster collaborative relationships and communications between partners and the Florida PALM Team. This network serves as primary points of contact that support their organization’s transition to Florida PALM. This page contains information and materials that support CCN activities.

A CCN is comprised of six Change Champion roles supported by Super Users, each having a unique set of responsibilities. Agencies have been asked to recruit and select team members to fill each role and enterprise partners have been asked to fill supporting roles. Together, the CCN forms the core team responsible for preparing their agency's to transition to Florida PALM.

View the MRW Job Aid to see examples for filtering the MRW and identifying MRW tasks specific to your agency.

Master Readiness Workplan

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Current Tasks

Upcoming Tasks  -  30 Day Lookahead

RDNS254 | All Agencies | Identify your agency's Tier 0 Support Team

SPON51 | All Agencies | Provide Agency Update for Project Status Reporting

FUNC47 | All Agencies, All Enterprise Partners | Share and Review Revised Updates to Standardized Business Process Models

RPTG14 | Select Agencies - DBPR, DOH, FLHSMV, DLA, DMS, DOR, FDLE, FDOT, EOG, DACS, LEG, Select Enterprise Partners - LAS, PBS | Participate in the May Reporting Workgroup

RDNS249 | All Agencies | Complete Change Impact Tool

RDNS250 | All Agencies, All Enterprise Partners | Provide Update on Agency Readiness Activities

SPON52 | All Agencies | Share Readiness Activities Progress with Agency Sponsor

TRNG37 | All Agencies | Monitor Agency Participation of End User Training 

COMM36 | All Agencies | Provide Pre-Go Live Communication Approach

FUNC48 | Select Agencies, Select Enterprise Partners - iFLAIR | Participate in Operational Readiness Testing

TECH107 | All Agencies | Share and Review Revised Spreadsheet Uploads

RDNS252 | All Agencies | Update or Create Identified Agency Central FLAIR Documentation

TECH108  | All Agencies, All Enterprise Partners | Review and Confirm the Updated Interface Connection Inventory

FUNC49 | All Agencies | Review and Confirm Updated Configuration Workbooks

FUNC50 | Select Agencies | Share and Review Agency Interface Configuration Workbook

RDNS253 | All Agencies | Participate in Tier 0 Support Kickoff


Archived Tasks