Central Wave Office Hours

The Central Wave Office Hours are designed to answer questions related to Central Wave business process models that impact agencies during the Central Wave.

Use this table to view the  Business Process Models by Wave.

Central Wave Office Hours - Day 1 Presentation

Central Wave Office Hours - Day 2 Presentation

Central Wave Office Hours - Day 3 Presentation

Central Wave Business Process Models

Account Management and Financial Reporting

AMFR CW.10.1 – Setup and Maintain Chart of Accounts | AMFR CW.10.1 – Flows | AMFR CW.10.1 – Narrative
AMFR CW.10.2 – Enter and Process Journals | AMFR CW.10.2 – Flows AMFR CW.10.2 – Narrative
AMFR CW.10.3 – Analyze and Reconcile Accounts | AMFR CW.10.3 – Flows | AMFR CW.10.3 Narrative
AMFR CW.10.4 – Close General Ledger and Consolidate Results | AMFR CW.10.4 Flows AMFR CW.10.4 Narrative

Budget Management

BM CW.20.1 – Enter and Process Budget Journals | BM CW.20.1 Flows | BM CW.20.1 Narrative
BM CW.20.2 – Budget Execution and Management | BM CW.20.2 Flows BM CW.20.2 Narrative
BM CW.20.3 – Perform Budget Close | BM CW.20.3 Flows | BM CW.20.3 Narrative

Disbursements Management

DM CW.30.1 – Setup and Maintain Suppliers | DM CW.30.1 Flows | DM CW.30.1 Narrative
DM CW.30.3 – Enter and Process Vouchers | DM CW.30.3 Flows | DM CW.30.3 Narrative
DM CW.30.4 – Process Payments | DM CW.30.4 Flows | DM CW.30.4 Narrative
DM CW.30.5 – Manage Payments | DM CW.30.5 Flows DM CW.30.5 Narrative
DM CW.30.6 – Manage Tax Reporting | DM CW.30.6 Flows | DM CW.30.6 Narrative
DM CW.30.7 – Manage Accounts Payable Transactions | DM CW.30.7 Flows DM CW.30.7 Narrative
DM CW.30.9 – Manage Payroll Payments | DM CW.30.9 Flows DM CW.30.9 Narrative

Accounts Receivable

AR CW.60.2 – Deposit and Apply Receipts | AR CW.60.2 Flows | AR CW.60.2 Narrative
AR CW.60.4 – Manage Accounts Receivable Transactions | AR CW.60.4 Flows | AR CW.60.4 Narrative

Treasury Management

TM CW.70.1 – Manage Banking Relationships | TM CW.70.1 Flows | TM CW.70.1 Narrative
TM CW.70.2 – Manage and Reconcile Bank Statements | TM CW.70.2 Flows TM CW.70.2 Narrative
TM CW.70.4 – Process Bank Cash Transfers | TM CW.70.4 Flows TM CW.70.4 Narrative
TM CW.70.5 – Reconcile Book to Bank Balances | TM CW.70.5 Flows TM CW.70.5 Narrative
TM CW.70.6 – Create and Maintain Deals | TM CW.70.6 Flows | TM CW.70.6 Narrative
TM CW.70.7 – Manage Investment Pools | TM CW.70.7 Flows | TM CW.70.7 Narrative

Cash Management

CM CW.80.1 – Manage Cash Checking | CM CW.80.1 Flows CM CW.80.1 Narrative
CM CW.80.2 – Monitor and Manage Fund Cash | CM CW.80.2 Flows | CM CW.80.2 Narrative