Our Story

The State of Florida has embarked on a multiyear endeavor to replace the current accounting and cash management systems with a cloud-based financial management solution. The Florida PALM Project commenced on July 1, 2014. Readiness activities began shortly after the Project’s initiation and have been carried out since. Achievements and milestones of the first four years of planning and procurement activities can be found in the phase closeout report. The contract for a modern, integrated software and implementation support services was signed on July 20, 2018.

The Florida PALM Team is partnering with agencies to design, build, and implement a standardized, scalable, statewide system that will enhance Florida’s business practices and position Florida for future innovation. 

The first transition to Florida PALM is scheduled for July 2021. View the Project Timeline for details on the implementation schedule.

Florida PALM Prologue – print

The Prologue to the Florida PALM Story illustrates the history and legacy of Florida Accounting and Information Resource (FLAIR) and Cash Management System (CMS) systems. Take a step back in time, to the beginning of our story.

Florida PALM Storyboard - Print

The Florida PALM Story presents the State of Florida’s journey to replace the State’s accounting and cash management systems. This transformation begins with the State’s current systems, FLAIR and CMS, and moves through the implementation of a new, modern financial management solution.

The Florida PALM Project has established an implementation approach over multiple years.
The Florida PALM Project Team is organized across project management, people, process, and technology.
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