Recommended Statutory Changes

On May 29, 2018, in accordance with Proviso of Specific Appropriation 2334 of the 2017-2018 General Appropriations Act (Senate Bill 2500), the Department of Financial Services (DFS) submitted an initial draft of the recommendations by the Florida Planning Accounting and Ledger Management (Florida PALM Project) Executive Steering Committee (ESC) for statutory changes needed to implement Florida PALM. The list was developed in conjunction with the DFS Divisions of Accounting and Auditing and Treasury, the Office of Information Technology, and the Florida PALM Project Team through review of the statutes addressing financial management processes as well as potential policy items that were documented during development of the Standardized Business Process Models with agencies, which began in 2014.

Initial Draft Recommendations for Statutory Changes for Florida PALM

The below list, approved during the April 25, 2018 ESC meeting, includes fourteen recommendations that cover four statutory Chapters (17, 215, 216, 273). All are segments of law where requirements of the Chief Financial Officer and elements of the state’s financial management processes are described. Six of these recommendations are identified as needed during Year 1 of implementation. These are items that would have an impact on the design of the new financial management solution. Eight of the identified recommendations would have an impact on agencies, while six are applicable to the Florida Financial Management Information Systems (FFMIS). The Project anticipates continued work and collaboration with the ESC as the Project progresses to review the list of recommendations for updates, including additions or revisions.

Initial Draft ESC Recommended Statutory Changes for Florida PALM