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Aug 19, 2022


This week, I issued a statement on President Biden's signing of the "Inflation Reduction Act," which included a provision to fund over 87,000 new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents. If the President is just going to make decisions like this that target Florida, he should just stay on vacation. This does nothing but spend $80 billion and allow these new agents to shakedown small businesses and the middle class. No one asked for this, therefore I have put forward four proposals to throw their red tape right back in their faces. 

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Today, I issued a consumer alert warning Floridians of a security flaw that has been found in Apple products that could allow hackers to gain access to all of your personal information. Floridians use Apple devices every day to help manage their personal and financial information and it is essential that consumers protect all of their vital information from these criminals. If you keep your device up to date, lock your phone when not in use, and properly back-up your data, you can help ensure criminals do not get a hold of your personal information. 

Lastly, I announced the arrest of thirteen unlicensed contractors in Pasco County, who failed to obtain workers' compensation coverage. When this type of fraud takes place, it places the employees, customers, and businesses at serious risk. As your CFO, my top priority is to protect Floridians and crack down on fraud. Workers’ compensation fraud is unethical, dangerous, and will not be tolerated in our great state. I applaud the teamwork of my fraud team, the Pasco Country Sheriff's Office, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and the State Attorney's Office who successfully executed this sting operation and brought these criminals to justice.


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