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CFO Patronis Legislative Update for January 16, 2024


CFO Patronis Legislative Update for January 16, 2024

Senate Bill 1066 (Senator Burton) – Consumer Protection. This legislation, among other items, bars state agencies from contracting with censorship companies like NewsGuard, which is a self-described media monitoring, technology company. Additionally, the legislation will empower users on third-party payment processors (like PayPal and Venmo) to avoid wrongfully paying taxes on certain transactions the IRS is targeting.

  • Senate Bill 1066 was reported favorable in the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee today.

Senate Bill 890 (Senator Boyd) – Florida Home Hardening Sales Tax Exemption. This legislation establishes a two-year sales tax exemption on the retail sales of items like impact-resistant windows, doors, and garage doors. This legislation will expand the program, which ends in June 2024, to June 2026. Overall, the Florida Home Hardening program has saved homeowners an estimated $495 million since July 2022.

  • Senate Bill 890 was reported favorable in the Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee today.

Senate Bill 1030 (Senator Rodriguez) – Small Business Tax Relief. If passed, this bill will provide counties with the authority to provide tax breaks for small local businesses by allowing local governments to forgo the collection of their business rent taxes. The proposed legislation would give small businesses additional tax relief and allow local governments to exercise better fiscal responsibility of taxpayer dollars.

  • Senate Bill 1030 was reported favorable in the Senate Community Affairs Committee today.


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