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This week marks the one year anniversary of the Surfside building collapse; an event that will live with every one of us forever. While we honor and mourn today for the 98 souls that are no longer with us, we also pray for the parents, brothers, sisters, and children that were left behind – and how they’re fighting to get back to some type of normal. On this day one year ago, I saw the work of God when 400 of Florida’s Urban Search & Rescue Team members fought, and kept fighting, for any hopes of life. They battled fire, they battled rain, they battled the heat. Their boots and gloves were destroyed. They had to keep respirators on to avoid the cancer-causing substances that so many firefighters got after 9/11. In fact, some of these men and women served at ground zero.

CFO and firefighters at Surfside Building collapse

On that mound of rubble, I saw hell on Earth. But I also saw God’s presence in the men and women that fought with every ounce of their being to save lives. As we pray for grace and peace, may we never forget, and forever honor these 98 souls.


Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer
State of Florida

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