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Fraud and Consumer Protection

Consumer Services

The Division of Consumer Services offers a variety of information and resources to educate consumers regarding numerous insurance and financial topics. Our mission is to proactively educate and assist Florida’s insurance and financial consumers through responsive, professional and innovative service. The Division offers a toll-free Insurance Consumer Helpline to assist insurance consumers with insurance questions and inquiries or to file a complaint against your insurance company.

Investigative and Forensic Services

The Division of Investigative and Forensic Services encompasses all law enforcement and forensic components residing within the Department of Financial Services. With this broad responsibility, the division investigates a wide range of fraudulent and criminal acts including: Insurance Fraud Investigations; Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigations; Fire, Arson and Explosives Investigations; and Fire and Explosives Sample Analysis.

Insurance Fraud

The Bureau of Insurance Fraud investigates alleged acts of insurance fraud not categorized under workers’ compensation fraud, including: licensee, healthcare, application, vehicle, homeowners, commercial, disability, arson, and life insurance fraud. Within these categories are; organized schemes to defraud the public and insurers, insolvency of insurance companies due to internal fraud, criminal activity by unauthorized entities illegally doing business in Florida, and viatical related fraud.

Workers' Compensation Fraud

The Bureau of Workers' Compensation Fraud investigates alleged acts of insurance fraud categorized under workers’ compensation fraud, including: working without workers’ compensation coverage, claimant fraud, premium fraud and money service business fraud.

Detect Arson

The Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigations is a law enforcement branch of the Division of Investigative and Forensic Services and conducts fire, arson, and explosives investigations as well as other related criminal investigations statewide.

Office of Fiscal Integrity

The Office of Fiscal Integrity is a criminal justice agency whose mission is to detect and investigate the misappropriation or misuse of state assets in a manner that safeguards the interests of the state of Florida and its taxpayers.

Report Fraud

The Department of Financial Services is proud of our accomplishments in finding and prosecuting fraud, but we could use your help. If you are a victim of fraud or suspect fraud is occurring, we want to hear from you. Together we can work to put these criminals out of business and make sure that Floridians are protected from those who seek to defraud their fellow citizens.

Funeral, Cemetery, and Consumer Services

The Division of Funeral, Cemetery and Consumer Services protects death care industry consumers purchasing preneed burial rights as well as those purchasing funeral and burial merchandise or services. It also oversees licensed establishments, facilities, and cemetery grounds by conducting annual inspections.

Public Assistance Fraud

The Division of Public Assistance Fraud (PAF) serves taxpayers and safeguards Floridians against public assistance fraud and the impact of those crimes by enforcing state laws regarding program eligibility and proper use of public assistance benefits. On the state level, the Division partners with the Department of Children and Families, the Agency for Health Care Administration, the Department of Health, and the Department of Education’s Office of Early Learning to investigate fraud in programs administered by those departments.

Workers’ Compensation

The Division of Workers' Compensation ensures that anyone interested or involved in the Florida workers’ compensation system has the tools and resources needed, by assisting injured workers, employers, health care providers, and insurers in following the Florida workers’ compensation rules and laws. While the Division is not responsible for adjusting any claims, it is a resource to help ensure that claims are being adjusted and reimbursed properly.