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State Employees

Deferred Compensation

Direct Deposit

  • Direct Deposit - Banks, savings and loan associations and credit unions are eligible to accept such deposits
    Accounting & Auditing

Fraud in Florida

  • File a Complaint - File a complaint with the Inspector General. State employees who blow the whistle on fraud and abuse within state government are protected by law.
    Chief Financial Officer

Injured on the Job


Payroll Services

  • Employee's Information Center - Make inquiries about your payroll information, W-4 information, reimbursements (i.e. travel and flexible benefits) and verify yourself for tuition waiver.
    Accounting & Auditing

Saving for Retirement

  • OPS Social Security Alternative Plan - Information on the OPS investment plan through Bencor, Inc., containing information on setting up an investment plan and managing the account.

Special Programs