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  • Enterprise Financial Support Structure - Ensures the State of Florida’s Accounting and Payroll systems are secure, reliable and providing timely and effective customer support to resolve problems and provide technical solutions designed to meet business needs through the maintenance of positive relationships with our end-users. Our services include accounting systems design and development, quality services management, payroll design and development, and mainframe systems and operations.
    Information Technology
  • Enterprise Applications & Infrastructure - Provides a wide range of cost effective information technology services to our 13 divisions, 13 offices and 2 commissions within DFS administratively. Services include network, telecommunications, desktop computing, project management services, unified communications such as email and calendaring, applications design and development.
    Information Technology
  • Security and Compliance Services - The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible for securing the DFS’ information assets, including data and the supporting infrastructure. The CISO supports the CIO by providing leadership in the development, delivery and maintenance of a cybersecurity program that safeguards the DFS’ IT assets against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage or loss.
    Information Technology


  • Bureau of Local Governments - Promoting the financial integrity and fiscal accountability of Florida’s local government entities.
    Accounting & Auditing
  • Bureau of State Liability Claims  - The state provides liability coverage for damages filed against the state due to alleged negligent acts of state employees
    Risk Management


  • Division of Accounting and Auditing - Approving accounts against the state, safeguarding public assets and reporting the financial condition of the state.
    Accounting & Auditing

Division continued

  • Division of Administration - Providing administrative services and support to the Department of Financial Services
  • Division of Risk Management - Mission: Participating State of Florida agencies receive technical assistance in managing risk, and quality workers’ compensation, liability, federal civil rights, automobile liability, and property insurance coverage at reasonable rates by providing self-insurance, purchase of insurance and claims administration.
    Risk Management
  • Public Records Requests - As a fiduciary, the Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation (Receiver) administers insurance companies that are placed into receivership by the circuit court.
    Rehabilitation and Liquidation
  • Receiver Services - Planning, coordinating and directing the conservation, rehabilitation and liquidation of insolvent insurance companies, unlicensed insurance companies and unlicensed insurance entities and rehabilitates f - inancially troubled insurance companies.
    Rehabilitation and Liquidation
  • Public Property Coverage - Providing Insurance coverage for all state owned buildings and contents through the State Risk Management Trust Fund Program.
    Risk Management


  • Working for Information Technology - The professionals at OIT are leading the way in government technology. Our ability to build and maintain an inclusive work environment is critical to our continued success. Our diverse workforce drives innovation and we are committed to recruiting and retaining the best and brightest resources......
    Information Technology


  • Office of Financial Regulation - (OFR) is responsible for supervising state-chartered banks, credit unions, savings associations, and international bank agencies, and licenses and regulates non-depository finance companies and the securities industry.
    Guest Offices


  • Information Technology -To develop and maintain a talented workforce that provides efficient and effective IT services; while eliminating duplication and modernizing business applications in an integrated environment that fosters open communication and collaboration with our customers; and make sound investments in their technology assets.
    Information Technology