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Chart of Accounts Values

The Florida PALM Revenue and Expenditure Account ChartField values are state standard values and will be configured by Florida PALM to support accounting and reporting needs. Updates to values will continue through all remaining Solution Design Segments and will be posted at designated intervals.

Assets, Liabilities, and Equity Account ChartField values were configured / deployed at CMS Wave and are updated in the Production environment, as needed by DFS A&A. To access a current list of Account ChartField values, log in to Florida PALM and access the GLR091 – ChartField Value Report located at: NavBar > Navigator > Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Common Definitions > Design ChartFields > Reports > ChartField Reports

Statewide Chart of Accounts Design

The Florida PALM Chart of Accounts (COA) was originally approved in 2020 and updated by the Project as part of the design activities for the Financials Wave Implementation. The Florida PALM COA establishes a standard structure for tracking and recording financial transactions. It is comprised of individual ChartFields, like the use of data elements in FLAIR, some of which are established and maintained at a statewide level and others which are agency-specific. The COA Design evolved and was refined through iterative and collaborative work with Department of Financial Services (DFS) Divisions and Offices, agencies, and enterprise partners and is applicable for all Waves. 

Select the image below to experience an interactive learning tool. This tool will help you gain a better understanding of the individual ChartFields and their use within Florida PALM.


COA Configuration Workbook – The purpose of the COA Workbook is to document the Florida PALM Chart of Account values for the CMS Wave at launch. This workbook represents a point in time and will not be updated. Florida PALM end users with designated role(s) can access the ChartField Value Report directly from Florida PALM to make necessary updates.