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Interfaces refer to data exchanges between Florida PALM and external business systems. Florida PALM will interface with agency business systems, enterprise partners (e.g., MFMP, People First) and third parties (e.g., banks). Agencies are responsible for gaining an understanding of planned Florida PALM functionality, making decisions about how the agency will provide or consume Florida PALM information, and preparing agency business systems for interfacing with Florida PALM. As the system designs are completed, the Project will provide a list of new or updated interface layouts through the Interface Catalog in Smartsheet. Click  here for more information about Smartsheet.

The Data Availability Graphic illustrates where and how data will be available within the Florida PALM system, Data Warehouse, and agency business systems. This graphic also describes where agencies may choose to receive information using standard interfaces from Florida PALM to maintain agency business systems to support those ongoing operations. Alternatively, agencies may choose to create data extracts from the Data Warehouse to support information needed for business systems.