The Florida PALM podcast series are short episodes that cover business process and technology topics related to the Florida PALM Project. Episodes will be released regularly, featuring special guests. Click the links below to listen to the episodes today.

Episode #7 with special guests Michael Murphy, AHCA, and Julian Gotreaux, Florida PALM Solution Center

Episode #6 with special guests Wynette Davis and Leslie Gomez, DOR CCN Members | January 2021

Episode #5 with special guest Jennifer Reeves, State Reporting Lead | October 2020

Episode #4 with special guests Lisa Evans, Allison Black, and Brian Tippel, FDOT CCN Members | August 2020

Episode #3 with special guest Tanner Collins, Director of the DFS Division of Treasury | June 2020

Episode #2 with special guest Julian Gotreaux, Florida PALM Project Agency Readiness Team Manager | May 2020

Episode #1 with special guest Scott Fennell, Deputy CFO and Project Sponsor | March 2020