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The Project has procured several contracts to support the planning and implementation of Florida PALM.

Software and System Integrator (SSI) Contract

The Florida PALM SSI Contract can be found on Florida Accountability Contract Tracking System (FACTS), Florida’s government contracting processing tool.

Florida PALM SSI Contract Documents (FP004)

Solution Software Licensing Agreement

The following are the resulting contracts and purchase orders for the purchase of Oracle Programs and annual Technical Support. The following links lead to FACTS.

Post-Assignment Software Licensing Agreement (FP005)

Oracle Program Purchases
         - Purchase Order - Issued TBD

Oracle Technical Support

Information Warehouse Assessment

Information Warehouse Assessment - Issued August 1, 2022

Support Services

The following are contracts and purchase orders procured to provide support services for the Project. Documents and resources are organized by Project Track and/or type of support service. Select the Project Track or support service to see related documents and information.

ERP Support 1

ERP Support 2

ERP Support 3

ERP Support 4

ERP Support 5

ERP Support 6


IV&V Services 2