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The Project offers a single sign-on experience to agencies where agencies use their Identity Provider (IDP) to authenticate users in Florida PALM. Agencies are responsible for identity management and authentication controls (e.g., password policies) for their users, as well as for configuring and maintaining their IDP interface with Florida PALM. Agencies retain full-control over their agency’s user-base. The Project is responsible for maintaining a secure connection for agency’s IDP and data protection within Florida PALM.

Much like an Access Control Custodian in FLAIR today, a Security Access Manager (SAM) manages the end user security for their agency within Florida PALM, adding and removing roles and inactivating user profiles. A primary and backup SAM is assigned by each agency through a request to the Division of Accounting & Auditing using the Florida PALM Security Access Manager Request Acknowledgement Form. Additional information about SAM roles and responsibilities can be found in the SAM Manual.