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Holiday Fire Safety Reminders:

  • Turn off all lights when you leave the building; to include decorative lighting.
  • Never plug a power strip into another power strip or extension cord.
  • If installing decorative lights, use caution not to tack or staple through the wire or run wires under rugs or through door jambs. Check light cords for cracked sockets or frayed wires prior to putting them up.
  • No decorations or decorative lighting should be hung from the ceiling or in any of the hallways. Excessive decorations on interior doors are prohibited.
  • Do not construct or place structures on top of modular furniture or within 18” of the ceiling.
  • Do not block or place barriers in front of entrances.
  • Candles are not permitted in any building.


Parking Lot Safety:

With colder weather and the holiday season upon us, as well as darkness becoming an issue for employees coming to, or leaving work, these are the times that suspicious persons and/or incidents are often encountered in parking lots and parking garages. I would like to remind everyone to be aware of their surroundings and follow these safety tips:

  • Do not use your cellular phone, text, or listen to music while walking to and from your vehicle. This will cause you to be distracted and not paying attention to the surrounding area.  
  • Always have your keys out and in your hand when approaching your vehicle.  
  • If possible, walk to and from your vehicle in groups - there is safety in numbers.  
  • If you see a suspicious person or situation in your path, turn around and go the other way or cross the street to avoid the area and notify law enforcement immediately.  
  • Avoid overloading yourself with items or packages.
  • Be sure to lock your vehicle doors and secure all valuables out of sight.

Always be alert to your surroundings. Walk with confidence. Keep your head up and look around. Look directly at people but do not stare at them. Trust your instincts when you feel something is not right. Know where you can go for safety and call 911 for help.