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Title Type Size
pdf 672 KB DownloadContract Audit System (CAS) Agency User Guide
pdf 587 KB DownloadFACTS Agency Point of Contacts Procedures
pdf 611 KB DownloadFACTS Agency User Account Procedures
docx 2251 KB DownloadFACTS Code Validation Tables
pdf 520 KB DownloadFACTS Contract-Grant Disbursement Info Batch Upload File Format and FTP Transmission User Guide
pdf 40 KB DownloadFACTS Data Correction Procedures
pdf 224 KB DownloadFACTS Grant Award Agreement Agency FTP Batch Transmission User Guide
pdf 199 KB DownloadFACTS Grant Award Agreement Excel Upload User Guide
pdf 122 KB DownloadFACTS Image Batch File Format User Guide
pdf 34601 KB DownloadFACTS User Manual
xlsx 5298 KB DownloadMFMP FLID to UNSPSC Commodity Code Mapping
Title Type Size
pdf 33601 KB Download100 FLAIR Fundamentals Manual
pdf 15736 KB Download1000 FLAIR Report Distribution System (RDS) End User Manual
pdf 22263 KB Download1100 FLAIR Report Distribution System (RDS) Administrator Manual
pdf 49003 KB Download200 FLAIR Expenditure Manual
pdf 37487 KB Download500 FLAIR Asset Management Manual
pdf 41747 KB Download600 FLAIR Revenue Manual
pdf 7136 KB Download700 Year End Manual
pdf 9088 KB Download900 FLAIR Reporting Manual
pdf 427 KB DownloadFile 13 Layout
pdf 984 KB DownloadFLAIR Appendix
pdf 752 KB DownloadFLAIR Glossary
pdf 1490 KB DownloadLMS User Manual
pdf 433 KB DownloadRevision Log for FLAIR Manuals
pdf 1147 KB DownloadStatewide Vendor File Reference Guide