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Debt Collection Program

Section 17.20, Florida Statutes, provides guidance to state agencies and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) related to assignment (also known as referral or placement) and reporting of claims for collection. The statutes require state agencies to timely assign delinquent accounts to collection and authorize the CFO to contract with collection agents to collect on accounts and other claims due to the state.

Collection agencies under the CFO’s debt collection contract:

  • Gila Corporation d/b/a Municipal Services Bureau (MSB)
  • National Enterprise Systems, Inc. (NES)
  • Transworld Systems, Inc. (TSI)
  • United Collection Bureau, Inc. (UCB)

Current Process

Section 17.20, Florida Statutes, requires each state agency to assign delinquent accounts to a CFO’s contracted collection agent within 120 days after the date the accounts are due and payable. Agencies use a standard template to assign delinquent accounts to a collection agent.

DFS-A1-1829 - Debt Collection Referral Form

Agency Debt Collection Report

Pursuant to Section 17.20(4), Florida Statutes, state agencies are required to submit, to the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the CFO, an annual report on debt collection. The report is due October 1 of each year.

DFS-A6-2095 - Annual Report of Claims for Collections

Annual Debt Collection Report

Section 17.20(5), Florida Statutes, requires the CFO to prepare an annual report on debt collection. The report includes the amount of claims referred for collection, the amount of claims outstanding, and the amount of claims collected. The report is due December 1 of each year.

Accounts Receivable Write-off

State agencies write-off delinquent accounts deemed uncollectible for financial reporting purposes. Agencies generally continue to collect on those accounts until the age of those accounts exceeds the statute of limitations. Collection efforts are also discontinued in the event that the debtor is deceased or the debtor declares bankruptcy.