DFS Formal Procurement Postings

The Office of Purchasing and Contractual Services (OPCS) advertises all formal procurements for the Department of Financial Services, Office of Financial Regulation, and Office of Insurance Regulation on the Department of Management Services' Vendor Bid System (VBS). Any/all future addendums and public meeting notices related to a formal solicitation are also posted to the VBS.

To search for a current Department of Financial Services advertisement for any Formal Solicitations, Agency Decisions, Notices, Public Meeting Notices or Single Sources, please visit the Vendor Bid System (VBS).

Upon accessing the Vendor Bid System (VBS) Home Page, select the "Search Advertisements" option, which takes you to another page where there is an Agency drop down box. Select the "Department of Financial Services" and click on the "Advertisement Search" button at the bottom of the page. If you have questions or problems you may contact the Office of Purchasing and Contractual Services at (850) 413-2070.