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Enforcement Actions - April 2024

The enforcement actions included in this list reflect enforcement actions taken in December, 2023, through March 2024.  Some of the following enforcement actions were resolved through a settlement process resulting in an order for discipline. Notification of enforcement actions is in the public interest. Please check with the Department before making a decision based upon this listing as information may have changed/been updated. This listing does not reflect pending appeals or requests for hearings. The license or registration status may have changed since the filing of these orders. We suggest that searching the Licensee Search page or make a public records request to verify the current status of any license or registration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Actions taken before July 1, 2015 are located at FLDFS Final Orders. Actions taken after July 1, 2015, can be found on the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings' (DOAH) website. For further information, you may make a public records request via email or contact the Office of Open Government.

Please note: This list cannot be used by a licensee to gain an unfair competitive advantage over other businesses or individuals herein. Any licensee who does so could be in violation of Section 626.9541(1)(c), Florida Statutes.

Subject NameLicense NumberEnforcement ActionDate of Action
AHRENS, ZAKKERY HUNTER-LEEW509726Revocation11/29/23
AL-SWEITY, NASER HE059000Indefinite Suspension11/09/23
ALVAREZ FERNANDEZ, CARLOS JAVIERW551656Suspension 3 Months11/06/23
ASHBROOK, RICHARD JAMESW435359Revocation11/28/23
BELKOT, KENWYN JA018090Revocation10/13/23
BELLO, PETER LEEA018536Suspension 3 Months08/28/23
BOU MECHREK, ROUKOZW728860Revocation08/15/23
CALVO, JONATHANW497133Suspension 3 Months11/14/23
CARLSON, ROSS ALLEN JR.W594246Revocation11/28/23
CASTELLANOS, ALEXANDERW069774Indefinite Suspension09/27/23
CATANIA, DANIEL FRANCISP058256Suspension 3 Months11/14/23
CHISHOLM, JUSTIN DOUGLASW716463Revocation11/09/23
COPELAND, CHARLES SIDNEY IIE095222Administrative Surrender10/24/23
DAVIS, JOVAN LW380839Revocation08/01/23
DENNIS, KATLYNE059433Indefinite Suspension11/28/23
FERNANDEZ, JUSTOW873161Indefinite Suspension08/15/23
FLORIDA PREFERRED TITLE AGENCY LLCW715813Administrative Surrender11/29/23
FUSTER, SUSANAW015586Administrative Surrender11/27/23
GARCIA, ELIZABETH CARIDADE159308Indefinite Suspension09/28/23
GILBERT, SEAN MATTEUS DELUCENAW771136Suspension 1 Year10/23/23
GISSAS, JOHN MICHAELW139509Indefinite Suspension10/12/23
GONZALEZ, CARMENP173278Indefinite Suspension11/06/23
GOULD, MARDYW627235Administrative Surrender10/23/23
GRADOS, NICOLA FARIDEW504442Administrative Surrender11/27/23
HICKSON, COREY MP101399Administrative Surrender09/13/23
INGLIS, DOVIDW606849Suspension 3 Months11/14/23
JAY, HENRY IIIW250767Suspension 1 Year10/23/23
JOHNSON, DANAW657425Suspension 9 Months11/29/23
JONES, TIMOTHY NATHANIELW555884Revocation11/09/23
JONES-DOWNING, LATHONW498326Suspension 18 Months10/03/23
KHAM LAW, LLCW603563Suspension 6 Months08/10/23
KNOBEL, JOHN ANDREWP192484Suspension 6 Months11/29/23
LANDON, AMANDA LEIGHE009449Indefinite Suspension11/06/23
LEVY, ARIEL RUBENW528722Suspension 9 Months11/15/23
MAINWARING, JARED SW555550Revocation10/4/23
MARIN, CESAR GUILLERMOE149537Monetary Penalty, $5.000, Probation09/01/23
MOHORN, WILLIE Cease & Desist08/10/23
NAPOLES, JENNIFER D.W729236Administrative Surrender08/18/23
NODA, JESSICA MARIAW555896Administrative Surrender10/13/23
NORWOOD, BRIANW327700Indefinite Suspension08/18/23
PALETTI, TIMOTHY MICHAELA199167Indefinite Suspension09/28/23
PASSALACQUA, ANTHONY AW445185Revocation08/10/23
PATE, DESIREE MD044780Revocation11/09/23
PEREZ, NOEL DE JESUSW370412Revocation08/01/23
PORTOCARRERO, VIDAL ABELW680054License Surrender09/05/23
RAY, DESMONDW621805Suspension 6 Months08/18/23
REILLY, JENNIFERW588644Revocation11/13/23
RILEY, BRIANNAW698238License Surrender11/07/23
RODRIGUEZ, EDNAW502374Indefinite Suspension09/08/23
ROSSMAN, KENNETH ME125105Revocation11/28/23
RUIZ, ERIKAW466311Revocation11/09/23
SKOPP, VERONICAA079120Indefinite Suspension08/28/23
SPATES, IYONNAW852834Revocation11/21/23
SPENCER, DOMINIQUE SYMONEW597143Revocation11/13/23
STALLWORTH, TAMEKA LP044670Monetary Penalty $3,00009/08/23
STANULEWICH, MARK RICHARDA252461Revocation11/29/23
VALLEJO, RENATOW632625Monetary Penalty $250010/26/23
VARNER, MARIFRANCESA272361Probation and Fine $350009/08/23
VENTO, ALLYND010932Revocation10/24/23
WATSON, LENWORTH ANTHONYW712206Revocation10/25/23
WHITFIELD, DANIELLEW899076Revocation08/01/23
WOLF, MICHAELW545018Revocation11/28/23
YOUNG, RICHARD AUSTINW413300Suspension 1 Year09/13/23