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Florida Public Schools Annual Reports

The responsibility for gathering information on the status of fire safety programs in Florida's public schools was transferred in 2002 from the Department of Education to the Division of State Fire Marshal. Further information regarding this transfer may be read by clicking on the following link: School Fire Safety.  The requirements related to this responsibility and process are set out in Chapter 1013 of Florida's Statutes.

Under the new law, each school district and the fire marshal in each jurisdiction are required to conduct an inspection of each school during each school year, with the local fire marshal having authority to set and enforce deadlines for corrections of violations. The school district is responsible for reporting the results of the dual inspections to the Division of State Fire Marshal by June 30 of each year. In jurisdictions that lack fire safety inspection capability, the State Fire Marshal assumes the role of the local fire official. The law is intended to ensure that every public school, charter school and community college is inspected by an independent fire authority.

The State Fire Marshal is also charged with producing an annual report each year. The Annual Reports are posted online and may be accessed as an Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) document, which may be downloaded or printed, by clicking on one of the following links:

Florida Public Schools Annual Report FY 2002-2003

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