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Florida Statues and Florida Administrative Code Reference Page


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Florida Statutes F.S. CH 633

Florida Administrative Code FAC 69A

Fire Safety Inspector I, II, & III, and Fire Code Administrator

Fire Instructor I, II & III, and Training Providers

  • FAC 69A-37.059 (Required classes, Certification, and Renewal requirements)

Live Fire Instructor I, II, and Live Fire Master Trainer

Programs of Study and Vocational Courses

Certifications that do not require renewal: Fire Officer I, II, III & IV, Pump Operator, Fire Investigator, Fire and Life Safety Educator I & II, FLUSAR Programs, Health and Safety Officer, Incident Safety Officer, and Safety Officer.

  • FAC 69A-37.065 (Programs of Study Instructor Qualifications and Required Classes)

Firefighter Compliance Certification