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Do you have a Firefighter Safety Concern?

The Legality

In accordance with Florida Administrative Code 69A-62.032(10):

" (10) Complaint Investigation.

(a) The division shall consider a complaint from any person who alleges a violation of the Act or a division rule. The complainant may elect to remain anonymous. The complainant must identify the location of the workplace that gives rise to the complaint and allege known particular facts that constitute a violation. A complaint may be oral or written.

(b) The division shall conduct an investigation of any complaint that facially establishes reasonable cause to believe that a violation exists or occurred.”

Link to Florida Administrative Code 69A-62

Reporting Concerns

The reporting of firefighter safety concerns is important! Individuals having a safety concern are encouraged to report concerns to the head of the agency in question. However, should an individual feel the concern is not being addressed a complaint can be filed with the Safety section for further review. Submitting a concern to the Safety section can be accomplished via

e-mail to or

phone to 352-369-2836.

Complainants can;

  1. Identify themselves by name
  2. Identify themselves by name, but request anonymity
  3. Identify themselves using a pseudo name (i.e. “concerned” or “anonymous”)

The level of anonymity requested will be honored and information will not be released. Regardless of the anonymity level desired, Safety section staff will need a method to contact complainants to provide updates and acquire additional information regarding the concern, if necessary.

Safety section staff will need as much information as possible to conduct an investigation Safety section staff will proceed with the information provided to confirm;

  1. If a situation presents a threat to the safety and or health of firefighters,
  2. If a violation of Florida Statutes 633.502 -633.536 and / or Florida Administrative Code contained in 69A-62.

Once the Safety Section staff determines a valid complaint exists an inspection or investigation will be initiated.