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Changes to FFOSHA (69A-62)

  • Changes to RECORD KEEPING requirements have been made.  Cancer and Mental Health Exposures are to be documented as well as injuries and illnesses.

Investigations Released in 2022

Investigation reports are available from the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training by submitting a Public Records Request.

  • Palm Beach County Firefighter Injured in Family Residential Structure Fire
  • Winter Garden Firefighter Experiencing Cardiac Event during training
  • Polk County Firefighter LODD During PT in Station
  • Apopka Firefighter LODD in Trailer Accident
  • Jacksonville Shipboard Fire/Explosion with Multiple Firefighter Injuries

Investigations Released in 2023

  • Niceville Fire Department Firefighter Injured after Chlorine Leak
  • Marion County Instructor Injured in Training Accident
  • Polk County Ambulance Crash
  • Orange County Firefighter Injured in Collapse
  • Braxton College Minimum Standards Course

Lessons Learned from Investigations

Nature of Investigation



Complaint regarding treatment of students during training.Make sure there is a policy in place regarding behavioral expectations of instructors including dress code, use of offensive language, no tolerance of demeaning behaviors, etc.  Supervision of instructors to assure PPE is worn when needed and appropriate behaviors are used.  No smoking on grounds.
Firefighters injured during shipboard firefighting.  Assure personnel are trained on activities prior to employees performing them.  Assure risk-benefit analysis performed and re-assessed after change in tactics. 
Firefighter removed face make during residential fire.Assure annual training and skill performance is done per OSHA.  Assure training plan is established if skills not satisfactory.
Hospitalized more than 24 hours after experiencing chest pain during training event.Reinforce to all employees that as soon as injury/illness occurs, supervisor should be notified immediately.  Assure employee is medically cleared before returning to work.
Firefighter LODD during physical fitness training.Assure FD has policies and familiarization of equipment prior to being used.  
Firefighter LODD while moving equipment.Assure FD has policies on purpose, use, and maintenance of equipment being used.  Assure training is provided on all personnel using equipment prior to operation or use.
Firefighter hospitalized more than 24 hours for chest pain that occurred after rescue call.Follow FD procedures for immediate treatment.  Assure employee medically cleared before returning to work.
Firefighters injured after vehicle accident with privately owned vehicle.Assure FD has policies on BFST approved EVOC training, local area driver training, driver refresher, and that drivers must follow state laws when operating apparatus.  Enforce violations and investigate all accidents. 
Firefighters injured after response to hazardous materials incident.Assure FD has identified all potential hazardous materials that employees may be exposed to when responding to emergency calls.  Have written SOPS on responses to hazardous materials calls.  Assure firefighter's operate only at the level they are trained to.
Instructor injured during training.Ensure all techniques used are approved.  Ensure equipment in good working condition.  Minimize distractions on the training site.
Apparatus crash avoiding traffic.Ensure fire department has SOPs that require drivers to follow laws.  Ensure operators have EVOC prior to operating apparatus and conduct annual review of their driving skills.
Firefighter injured when separated from crew.Ensure accountability when evacuating a structure/building.  Ensure SOPs on procedures to follow during search, rescue, and attack and when to evacuate the building.
Live fire training and practical training.Live fire training must be done by certified LFTI's.  For minimum standards practical evolutions a 1:6 instructor-student ratio should be met unless additional time is provided.  Never less than 2 instructors present during practical training.
Any questions, contact the Safety Section at 352-369-2836 or