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Florida Fire and Incident Reporting System

In 2005, the Florida Legislature created section 633.115 of the Florida Statutes to establish the Fire and Emergency Incident Information Reporting Program (FEIIRP). The new statutory language also created the Fire and Emergency Incident Information Technical Advisory Panel. The new section of the statutes basically included codifying language for the Florida Fire Incident Reporting System (FFIRS) which is and has been the Florida coordinating officer for the National Fire Incident Reporting Section (NFIRS).

The Florida Fire Incident Reporting System (FFIRS) is a means for fire departments to report and maintain computerized records of fires and other fire department incidents in a uniform manner. The NFIRS 5.0 software and training are free to all fire departments! The training includes handbooks, coding guides, and technical support.


As a reminder, the State Fire Marshal’s office no longer accepts emailed NFIRS data. Personnel at your agency must now upload your NFIRS reports directly into the FEMA website. Please view video aids in the Links for NFIRS Assistance section to assist your department.

How your Department can Benefit from Incident Reporting

  • Justify budget requests and provide a basis for resource allocation

  • Generate statistical NFIRS/FFIRS Reports

  • Assess department activity on a national scale including Emergency Medical Services, department apparatus, wildland fires, and personnel activities

  • Summarize annual activities

  • Answer questions about the nature and causes of injuries, deaths, and property loss resulting from fires

  • Determine needed improvements within the department (e.g. response time, training)

  • Predict fire-related problems within your community, and

  • Measure the success of fire prevention and safety programs

Fire and Emergency Incident Information System Technical Advisory Panel

The Fire and Emergency Incident Information System Technical Advisory Panel is created within the Division of State Fire Marshal. The panel shall advise, review, and recommend to the State Fire Marshal with respect to the requirements of this section. The membership of the panel shall consist of the following 15 members:

  • The current 13 members of the Firefighters Employment, Standards, and Training Council as established in Florida Statute 633.31.
  • One member from the Division of Forestry of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, appointed by the division director.
  • One member from the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services of the Department of Health, appointed by the Bureau Chief.

Meeting Minutes - Fire and Emergency Incident Information System Technical Advisory Panel

Meeting Minutes - (2013 - Present)

Meeting Minutes - (2006 - 2012)

NFIRS Training Available through USFA/NFA

The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) and our National Fire Academy (NFA) are working to advance the professional status and expand the knowledge and skills of fire and emergency services personnel. Our free training and education programs support fire departments and emergency services organizations with preparing for, preventing, and responding to fires and other hazards.

Links to NFIRS Assistance

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How to Import Incident Files

NFIRS/FFIRS Support Staff: Contact Information

By telephone at (850) 413-3698

or by e-mail: ffirs@myfloridacfo.com