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Agency Readiness

Florida PALM is a business transformation that requires agencies to ready their people, processes, technology and data. The Readiness Workplan (RW) is a list of tasks all agencies must complete to be ready for Florida PALM implementation. Agencies must also identify and complete any additional, agency-specific activities that are needed to be ready for Florida PALM. Agency Change Champion Network (CCN) should use the RW to view and plan for all readiness tasks. View the RW and Task Tracker Job Aid for more information on how agencies should use the RW and report progress for RW tasks.

Change Champion Network (CCN) supports agency readiness and is designed to foster collaborative relationships and communications within your agency, between partners, and with the Florida PALM Team. A CCN is comprised of seven Change Champion roles supported by Subject Matter Experts, each having a unique set of responsibilities. Together, the CCN forms the core team responsible for completing RW tasks, agency-specific tasks and preparing your agency's transition to Florida PALM.

This customizable CCN graphic can be used to communicate CCN membership within an agency.

Agency Implementation Roadmap

The image below provides a high-level visual summary of RW tasks. This information is subject to updates.
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RW Roadmap

Readiness Workplan

Readiness Workplan

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Current Tasks

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RW Task Resources

Agency Collaboration

This section includes helpful links for agency CCN members looking to learn from or connect with other agency CCNs.

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Agency Exchange Library

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