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Don't Fall for a Scam this Tax Day!

This week I highlighted taxpayer rights while also encouraging Floridians to understand the resources available to them as taxpayers. Tax Day is April 15th, and I want everyone to remember that the IRS works for you, they shouldn't intimidate you or your business. You have rights as a taxpayer, and I want to remind you to make sure you are using a qualified tax professional to help file your taxes. Beware of tax fraud schemes and scams, because scam artists appear every Tax Day like clockwork. Be safe this Tax Day and remember - if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is.  
Earlier this week, I applauded Governor Ron DeSantis for signing Senate Bill 718. With the unprecedented amounts of drugs pouring in from the southern border, Florida's first responders and firefighters are faced with the new and harsh reality of coming into contact with these substances while on duty in our communities. This legislation increases the penalty for illegally possessing fentanyl that leads to the exposer of a first responder resulting in an overdose or serious bodily injury. I was honored to support our first responders and Governor Ron DeSantis as he signed this great bill into the law.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that hurricane season is only 50 days away. I want to highlight that "Prepare Florida," the disaster preparedness initiative, to encourage Floridan's to prepare now before storms begin making landfall. It is so important that you and your family review your disaster plan and ensure you can weather the storm and recover quickly. Experts have predicted an extremely active season with up to 23 storms. So, the time is now to prepare and protect not just your home, but your businesses too. Prepare now, Florida!  



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