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CFO Jimmy Patronis Applauds Efforts to Protect Floridians’ DNA Data

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis commends recent legislative efforts to prevent DNA-testing companies from selling DNA data to insurance companies. Last month, CFO Patronis called on DNA testing companies to immediately stop selling DNA data without explicit consent from consumers.
CFO Jimmy Patronis said, “This is a huge step in the fight for Florida consumers and your right to genetic privacy. Transparency is key, and I believe that just like your medical records, DNA information should only be shared with your explicit consent.
“As DNA testing becomes more popular, we must ensure that customers of these companies are protected. I am proud that we have advocates in the Florida Legislature like Senator Aaron Bean who understand Floridians' need for their data to be safeguarded.”
Senator Aaron Bean said, “We must do everything we can to protect your sensitive information, and I’m proud that Florida is taking proactive steps to do so. I thank CFO Jimmy Patronis for his support of this effort and constant work to shield Floridians from companies who profit off of loopholes.”
Yesterday, Senate Bill 258 sponsored by Senator Bean passed the Senate Health Policy Committee. An amendment was adopted that would prohibit a person or company providing direct-to-consumer genetic testing from selling, releasing, or sharing personal identifying health information about a consumer with a life or health insurance company without a prior written authorization and written request from the consumer for release of the information.
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