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**Consumer Alert** CFO Jimmy Patronis Debunks Top Hurricane Season Myths

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.— As Hurricane Jerry churns in the Eastern Atlantic this week as the 10th named storm of the 2019 Hurricane Season, Florida Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis debunks five insurance myths. It is important for Floridians to know the difference between insurance myths and facts to ensure they are prepared for a hurricane.
CFO Jimmy Patronis said, “Floridians are more than familiar with hurricane season, but every year we hear of new insurance myths that confuse and mislead consumers. Be on the lookout for rumors spread online and on social media and take time to verify the information before you fall victim to fraud or scams. Visit my website or call 1-877-MY-FL-CFO (693-5236) to talk to a knowledgeable insurance specialist about your insurance questions.”
5 Common Hurricane Season Myths:
MYTH 1: If a storm becomes a Category 5 you are not required to pay your insurance deductible for repairs.
FACT: Regardless of the strength of a storm, insurance deductibles will apply when you file a claim.
MYTH 2: If my property suffers damage because a neighbor’s property blows into it, their insurance will cover it.
FACT: Unless the damage was a result of your neighbor’s negligence, your own policy will need to cover it.
MYTH 3: When my home repair person offers to waive my insurance deductible for my repairs, this is simply a kind gesture.
FACT: Insurance fraud comes in many forms and waiving the homeowner deductible is a form of insurance fraud.
MYTH 4: Homeowners with hurricane damage to their property, must sign an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) Agreement to get immediate help for repairs.
FACT: Contact your insurance company and file your claim first. No matter the urgency, you do not need to sign an AOB to get your insurance claim processed or your home repaired.
MYTH 5: After my claim is filed, my insurance company can take as long as they want to respond to an insurance claim.
FACT: An insurance company must send you an acknowledgment of your claim within 14 days after you submitted the claim. Within 90 days, you should receive full payment; payment of the undisputed portion of your claim; or a written denial of your claim. Please note, when conditions are beyond an insurance company’s control, i.e. a hurricane, there may be exceptions to the timeliness requirements.
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