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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT…Palm Beach Post: “People called this number. They got $16.6 million. Here’s why.”

“People called this number. They got $16.6 million. Here’s why.”
Palm Beach Post
Story by Charles Elmore
July 21, 2017
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The number is (877) 693-5236. Your tax dollars already pay for it.  Maybe you never heard of it, but more than 141,000 Floridians called it in first six months of 2017, saving a collective $16.6 million.
It’s the Florida Insurance Consumer Helpline, run by the state agency that oversees insurance regulation. It can help people get money in unpaid and underpaid insurance claims and refunds, for example.
Does every call result in a refund? No. But it’s worth a try. For one thing, it helps create a record of complaints if a company is engaged in a practice that leaves a lot of consumers feeling mistreated. That alerts regulators and gives the public a way to check who might be stirring up problems.
Maybe you just have a question about health, home, car or other insurance and they can help answer it.
“The claims-filing process can be a stressful affair, especially during times of serious illness or after a disastrous event,” Patronis said. “I applaud the efforts of our experts who work tirelessly to provide Floridians with the tools and resources they need to easily navigate through their insurance-related issues.”
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