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Statement from CFO Jimmy Patronis: With Finalized OFR IG Report, Cabinet Must Act

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Please see below statement from CFO Jimmy Patronis:

“I have read the final Inspector General report on Ron Rubin. Our general counsel is reviewing this document to determine if it can be released, and I continue to urge that action on his office be taken at the July 25 Cabinet meeting, even while it’s not on the initial agenda. Doing nothing is not an option.

“While I cannot release the details of the report at this time, I can say I believe now more than ever that Mr. Rubin is unfit for office. If Cabinet does not act on July 25, Mr. Rubin will continue to collect a $13,000 a month salary and the complainants who came forward will remain open to the fear that he may someday return to the office.

“My staff has also heard that those connected to Mr. Rubin released the cell phone numbers and social media accounts of complainants. This should be criminal. One can only assume this was done in an effort to harass and intimidate them. It is important to point out that Mr. Rubin’s attorney and his former law partner previously represented Jeffrey Epstein when he was accused of violating young girls and the attorney called them liars in the Palm Beach Post.

“Intimidating victims and those who file sexual harassment complaints at the state level must end immediately. There should be more penalties in our laws to punish those who intimidate complainants for coming forward with their accounts of sexual harassment. Current law does not go far enough. I will work aggressively to pursue changes in Florida law that allow sexual harassment complaint filers to get the same protections against retaliation as those who get federal whistleblower status. This won’t be a silver bullet, but my hope is that it will begin an important dialogue about how our state can protect victims while still vigorously pursuing the wrong-doers—especially those who are held to the high standards of holding public office.”
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