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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Regional Chambers of Commerce Applaud CFO Patronis’ Guiding Principles for Liability Protections

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, regional chambers of commerce across the state praised Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis for his guiding principles on liability protections, which are designed to help lawmakers as they craft legislation for the upcoming legislative session. This is what they’re saying…

Northeast Florida
Daniel Davis, President and CEO of JAX Chamber said, “As businesses do their part fighting the spread of COVID-19, Florida’s leaders need to advocate for sensible protections for those working to get our economy moving forward again. It is important to remember that we are all in this together. We applaud CFO Patronis for seeing this need and leading the way to make sure businesses of all kinds can have the litigation protection they deserve.”
Central Florida
Jim Cameron, Sr. Vice President of Government Relations, Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce said, “Business owners in our communities are working every day to earn an honest living, support their employees and make a difference in our communities. No business should be forced to close due to being set up by lawyers just looking for a payday. I applaud CFO Patronis for his continued dedication to establish COVID-19 business liability protections.”
Amanda Payne, President/CEO, AMPLIFY Clearwater said, “AMPLIFY Clearwater fully supports CFO Patronis’ commitment to shield businesses from a constant threat of litigation by establishing COVID-19 business liability protections. With Florida’s economy rebounding, we cannot let businesses fear being further damaged by these antirecovery tactics. We applaud CFO Patronis for stepping up for businesses in Clearwater.”
Carol Roberts, President & CEO, Bay County Chamber of Commerce said, “CFO Patronis is a fierce advocate for Florida businesses, and his guiding principles are just the latest example of his support. Being a former small business owner, the CFO clearly understands that frivolous lawsuits put an undue burden on those still recovering from the pandemic. Business liability must be addressed, and we thank the CFO for leading this critical issue.”
Todd Thomson, President & CEO, Pensacola Chamber of Commerce said, “Florida needs leaders like CFO Patronis who recognize that without adequate business lability protection Florida businesses would be open to ridiculous ‘sue and settle’ tactics from those just looking to make a quick buck. The Pensacola Chamber of Commerce remains committed to supporting those who make up Northwest Florida’s business community and back the CFO’s guiding principles to help get Florida’s economy up and running.”
Southwest Florida
Garrett Richter, Chairman, Greater Naples Chamber said, “COVID-19 business liability protections are at the top of mind of many business owners in the Naples area as they work to recover from the pandemic. Those rebuilding their businesses and following appropriate guidelines to protect their employees and customers, should not have to operate in a state of concern over outlandish litigation. Thank you, CFO Patronis, for prioritizing this vital issue.”
Southeast Florida
Alfred Sanchez, President/CEO of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce said, “Thank you CFO Patronis for making business liability protections a top priority. The Miami business community plays an important role in Florida’s economic success and our businesses should not be hampered by those just looking for moneymaking opportunities.”
Eva Marissa, Chairwoman, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Chamber of Commerce said, “I applaud CFO Patronis’ leadership on this critical issue facing businesses in our state. Owners are making very difficult choices without compromising the safety of their employees or customers. On behalf of the Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Chamber of Commerce, thank you for continuing to support of Florida businesses.”
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