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Common Public Records Requests

The most common requests received by the Department are listed below.

  • The first column lists the types of records.
  • The second column lists the unit in the Department that maintains the records with a link to the applicable webpage.
  • The last column provides a link to an e-mail address for requesting records or to a website that can be searched for records.

Additionally, you may contact the Public Records Unit for additional information.

Bid ProposalsDivision of Administration
Boiler Inspection ReportsDivision of State Fire Marshal
Civil RemedyDivision of Consumer Services
Consent OrdersOffice of the General Counsel
Construction Mining (SFM)Division of State Fire Marshal
Consumer Service Claim FileDivision of Consumer Services
Disciplinary ActionsOffice of the General Counsel
Fire and Arson Lab FilesDivision of State Fire Marshal
Fire Department Contact InformationDivision of State Fire Marshal
Fire Marshal Arson Investigation FileDivision of Investigative and Forensic Services
Fire PreventionDivision of State Fire Marshal
Fire ReportDivision of Investigative and Forensic Services
Fraud Investigation FilesDivision of Investigative and Forensic Services
Inspector General's Investigation FilesOffice of Inspector General
Licensed Entities (Companies, Agencies & Agents)Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services
Licensed Entities (SFM)Division of State Fire Marshal
List & LabelsDivision of Administration
OtherOffice of the General Counsel
Personnel E-mailsDivision of Administration
Personnel Files & DataDivision of Administration
Personnel Phones RecordsDivision of Administration
Registered Boiler ListsState Fire Marshal
Students Qualifying for TestingDivision of Insurance Agent and Agency Services
ViewingOffice of the General Counsel
Workers' Compensation (WC) PublicationsDivision of Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation Claimant FileDivision of Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation Monthly Claims Data ListingDivision of Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation ComplianceDivision of Workers' Compensation
Statewide Vendor Payment SearchDivision of Accounting and AuditingSunshine Vendor Payment Search
Agency Contract SearchDivision of Accounting and AuditingAgency Contract Search
Florida's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)Division of Accounting and AuditingFlorida's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
Florida Treasury Annual ReportDivision of Accounting and AuditingFlorida Treasury's Annual Report
Division of Risk Management Annual ReportsDivision of Risk ManagementDivision of Risk Management Annual Reports
Statewide Local Government SpendingDivision of Accounting and AuditingStatewide Local Government Spending
State Financials: Cash Flow and BalancesDivision of Accounting and AuditingState Financials: Cash Flow and Balances
Oil Recovery DollarsDivision of Accounting and AuditingOil Recovery Dollars