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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Receiver?

The Florida Department of Financial Services is the appointed Receiver of all insurance companies ordered into receivership in Florida. For information regarding the different types of receivership and the duties of the Receiver that are established by law in Chapter 631, Florida Statutes, visit our Guide to the Receivership Process.

How is a receivership started?

A receivership proceeding of an insurer in Florida can only be filed by the Florida Department of Financial Services and can only be filed in the Leon County Circuit Court. A receivership may be initiated when any of the grounds exist which are set forth in Chapter 631, Florida Statutes.

Where can I find information about my insurance company if it is in receivership?

Visit our Companies page.

What does Rehabilitation mean?

Read our Overview of Rehabilitation.

What does Liquidation mean?

Read our Overview of Liquidation.

How do I contact the Guaranty Association?

Visit our Florida Guaranty Funds and Associations page.