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Beware of the Pitfalls of Solar Panels!


This week, I issued a Consumer Alert warning Floridians of the potential increase in property insurance premiums and other pitfalls when purchasing solar panels and having them installed on the roof of their home or business. There are some serious red flags to these installations that consumers need to be leery of including impacts to insurance costs, pushy sales tactics, and cheaply made products imported from China. Every Floridian should do their research, inform themselves of all aspects of these products, and be aware of the potential pitfalls of solar panels so you can decide what's best for your biggest investment - your home.  

On Thursday, I was honored to join Governor DeSantis for the signing of House Bill 989, the Department of Financial Services (DFS) Agency Bill. Every day, we are looking for new ways to bolster the important services provided to Floridians for DFS. With the Governor's signature, this legislation establishes the Florida Taxpayer Advocate within DFS to support Floridians with federal tax related issues and ensure their rights as taxpayers are upheld. When tax issues arise, Floridians need a fighter on their side and that's exactly what the taxpayer advocate will do. This legislation will also allow the State Fire Marshal's Office to lead the way in crafting new solutions for fire hazards associated with EVs. 

Lastly, I applauded the Governor's signing of House Bill 939, a Consumer Protection Bill. This Consumer Protection package includes vital protections for Floridians from IRS overreach when using cash apps like Venmo and Paypal. Washington's been a dumpster fire, and they passed a law years ago allowing the IRS to collect taxes from transactions about $600, which was an absurd attack against poor and middle-class Americans. Florida has got to go to bat for our residents, and this legislation will keep tech companies accountable to build tools where senders of cash will be able to specify whether they're sending cash for a good-or-service, or something else and lessen the tax burden on small business owners. 



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