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CFO Jimmy Patronis: Fighting to Protect Floridians’ Second Amendment Rights

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, May 2, 2023
Contact: Office of Communications,, 850.413.2842

CFO Jimmy Patronis: Fighting to Protect Floridians’ Second Amendment Rights

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Today, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis issued a statement following the passage of Senate Bill 214, Sales of Firearms and Ammunition, by Senator Danny Burgess and Representative John Snyder in the Florida House. This legislation will prohibit credit card companies from giving weapons and ammunition sales a specific code to identify their purchases. In September 2022, CFO Patronis promised to take action against credit card companies who target the 2nd Amendment.

CFO Jimmy Patronis said, “Florida is a Pro-Second Amendment state and, as your CFO, I am proud to defend our right to keep and bear arms and stand against policies that aim to infringe upon that right. The idea that law-abiding Americans would be put on some kind of corporate watchlist is disturbing. Thank you to Senator Burgess and Representative Snyder for passing this great bill through the legislature which will protect Floridians from having their firearm purchases from being flagged by credit card companies creating a chilling effect on your ability to protect yourself and your family. This is a big win for data privacy and your Second Amendment rights.”

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Chief Financial Officer and State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis is a statewide elected official and a member of Florida’s Cabinet who oversees the Department of Financial Services. CFO Patronis works each day to fight insurance fraud, support Florida’s firefighters, and ensure the state’s finances are stable to support economic growth in the state. Follow the activities of the Department on Facebook (FLDFS) and Twitter (@FLDFS).

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